Performance Opleiding - Toneelacademie Maastricht

ICON - force me to watch
video registration of a performance by Milou van Duijnhoven at the FASHIONCLASH 2014
Always be there for youLuca Szymkowiak, Nina Willems, Belle van Heerikhuizen, Karlijn de Boorder, Amy van der Weerden, Sara de Monchy, Annica Muller, Sophie Scholten

‘Mind catching image. Force me to watch. Blowing icon. Fleshmade blanco silence. Skin wrapped fabric. Blow my eyes out. Nagasaki women. Exploding men. Watch me. Suck my eyes into you. Make me wet with every point of view. Iconic master. Master of me. Watch, sit and be quiet. Fuckforce watch me. This is it. Cause this is it.'