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Master’s programme in film and media
The master’s programme is a two-year programme with advanced specialisation courses. The programme is intended for those who work in film and media, or who have finished a bachelor’s programme in the field, and are looking to reach new heights, both professionally and artistically.
Our new master’s programme, starting in the autumn of 2020, builds on the bachelor’s programme, contains specialisation courses to meet the need for second-cycle programmes in fine, applied and performing arts, and reinforces the link between research preparation and artistry.
Klinkt als een fijne extentie na de performance opleiding.
Create your own story!
At the Department of Film and Media, we live with and for the story. We add sound and lighting, we edit, direct, write and produce. Film, radio and television. We learn while also teaching each other. In a creative, critically reflective and permissive environment. And now we want to welcome you!
De inschrijving moet voor 15 november rond zijn, en je moet een universitaire studie hebben afgerond of ervaring hebben in het artistieke werkveld. Je moet een werk opsturen. Over talen staat er niets vermeld, maar de gehele site is in het engels dus ik verwacht dat het in het engels gegeven wordt.
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Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) offers students, teachers and other staff to conduct international exchanges with partner universities.
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