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Cinematography is about understanding how to use camera and lighting techniques to tell a story, whether screened at the cinema, on TV, or through a smartphone.
Our Cinematography MA instils an understanding of the essential links between story and image and the relationship between cinematographers, directors and crews.

he MA Cinematography is a one-year postgraduate course, which builds essential and practical skills to prepare students for the role of Cinematographer/Director of Photography (DOP).

You will create an impressive portfolio which includes a short filmed project, 35mm still life/portrait exercise, collaborative Greenscreen exercise, several shooting exercises including location, studio interiors and night exterior, advanced filmed exercise working with a professional director and a final Masters Project for film, TV or online media.

During the Commercial Cinematography Collaboration module you will conceive, create and deliver what we refer to internally as an ‘Industry Project’. You will work within a creative team and respond to a professional brief from a commercial, public sector or charitable ‘client’, to produce a spec shot and showcase your creative talent to industry professionals.

Each student will undertake a total of seven modules during their MA course, and they will be assessed on their coursework, both practical and written:

Screen Induction Lab
Cinematography Boot Camp
The Mechanics of Creative Control
Commercial Cinematography
Crafting Narrative Through Cinematography
Research in Screen Practice
Master’s Project

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