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Edinburgh College of Art

Art, Space and Nature

Access multidisciplinary expertise: you will learn from a range of established disciplinary figures with expertise in collaborative and multidisciplinary creative practice. 
Learn from real world contexts: our projects encourage responses to place-specific or site-informed practice in often complex environmental settings.
Integrate theory and practice: our courses emphasise the importance of reflective practice as a process to integrate current theory, with personal research and practice.
Expand your international perspective: the programme offers opportunities to study within an international network of staff and students.
Construct a personal pathway: our programme offers flexibility to construct a set of course options that respond to personal aspirations and utilise world class resources.

We are committed to offering a high-quality experience to all our students. We are working to minimise the impact of Covid-19, but we have reluctantly decided that we will be unable to offer this programme for entry in 2021.
The Art, Space and Nature - MFA/MA programme offers a multidisciplinary framework to explore the complex intersections between creative practice, spatial theory and environmental issues, as a critical response to the world around us.
It is structured through a series of contextual assignments to assert the values of real world engagement and issue-led practice, interrelated with theory and skill-based learning, allowing you to consider both the theoretical and practical context of your work.
Multidisciplinary studies enable you to explore comparative modes of creative methods and techniques, to equip you with a greater range of knowledge and skills to engage complex environmental contexts.
We attract students from a range of creative and cultural backgrounds, providing a rich internationally diverse group, who develop as culturally astute, politically aware and visually perceptive individuals.
Travel is encouraged to explore comparative regional contexts, to establish a sophisticated global perspective on current environmental issues, preparing you to enter the increasingly dynamic fields of creative and cultural industries, or advanced doctoral research.
How you will study
The programme provides regular teaching input covering art, architecture and landscape planning, complemented by seminars in cultural geography, social media and environmental theory. This offers a dynamic learning process to engage ideas across varying contextual and disciplinary boundaries, leading to fresh insights and new ways of thinking that inform advanced modes of visual and spatial practice.
Our studio is enhanced by two integrated gallery spaces, offering project spaces with a street interface and an internal cinema space, providing a unique resource to test innovative ideas. You will benefit from a range of professionally-aligned projects that are hosted in these spaces, and direct contact with established researchers and practitioners, providing a platform to share ideas and project opportunities through regular lively events.
Multiple scolarships.

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