Performance Opleiding - Toneelacademie Maastricht

Students from the different Theatre Academies of the PLETA network
research the groundwork,
compose and play
a performance inspired by the poem
by Hans Magnus Enzenberger

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Project plan
After the quite succes
This project in Maastricht (NL) discriminates 4 working stadia and will take place within 7 weeks:
We start on Monday, May 1. Public presentations are from June 19 till June 27, 2017, in Maastricht (NL).

1. Artistic research (first week)
2. Presenting your own performances and experiments.
Discussing artistic strategies and possible technologies.
3. Creation, getting depressed, re-creation & Presentation (third till seventh )
4. Evaluation (in the seventh)
5. Getting drunk (optional).

All participants start from their own fascinations and technological skills. They learn how to evolve these skills and how to assimilate new ones. No external technicians are involved. All participants will be multi-functional, within the boundaries of their own fascinations and (in)competencies. At some point in this process, it will be a mess, but an interesting mess, resulting in an exhilarating performance for a down to earth public.

Woody Richardson Laurens
Peter Missotten:

Es ist elf Uhr vierzig
an Bord. Die stählerne Haut
unter der Wasserlinie klafft,

zweihundert Meter lang,
von einem unvorstellbaren Messer.

Das Wasser schießt in die Schotten.
An dem leuchtenden Rumpf
gleitet, dreißig Meter hoch

über dem Meeresspiegel, schwarz
und lautlos der Eisberg vorbei
und bleibt zurück in der Dunkelheit.

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*Technology Driven Art, what’s not, what’s hot.
*Introduction to the history, dramaturgy and perspectives of
Hans Magnus Enzensbergers “Der Untergang der Titanic “

• First technical steps: skills for camera’s, beamers, 3D-scanners, lighting, sound design & even more specific software
You will learn the basics in very fast and intuitive way…

Working in smaller groups to develop first theoretical concept and/or scenario’s. Articulating the artistic aims of the concept.

Theory becomes practice: individual performances and experiments, further development on the stage and implementation of desired audio and visual means.
Creation of a spectacular presentation.

Reading the reviews. Checking balances. Analysing the performance. How did intermediality influence your process and product?
What would/could you do differently next time?