Performance Opleiding - Toneelacademie Maastricht

As young, student/professional theater-makers from the Netherlands we were in Tokyo in the period 26 February until 23 March 2012. In Tokyo we developt a new theater production. It is a performance with three life actors and one virtual actor.
‘Ducks in Tokyo’ is a play bases on our experience with the japanees culture.

In October 2011 we met the Japanese band “Trippple Nippple”, while we were rehearsing in holland for our first play ‘Ducks are very funny people’. They invited us to come to Tokyo. We took this opportunity to utilize to professionalise ourselves within an international context.
by/with Mathieu Wijdeven, Sanya Schreuder, Liliana de Vries and Eva Line de Boer

Ducks in Tokyo trailer from Mathieu Wijdeven on Vimeo.