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Ask yourself?
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Installation by Lieve Fikkers

Introduction: Use the flashlight of your phone.

This performative miniature is the result of my research around the route and the map of ‘Operation KAMEN’. Which was one of the biggest set-ups in that time. KAMEN is an operation organised in Czech in 1948 by the communists. They lured underground anti-communists to a fake USA / German border under false conditions. The anti-communists thought that they could flee to the free West, if they clarified their anti-communist ideology. Instead of that, they actually signed their own ‘dead sentenced’ by clarifying that ideology. Because a few meters outside the border house, which was in fact an interrogation room, the anti-communists were arrested by the communists with their own testimony in their hands. In that border-hut the American soldier was a Czech communist and what the anti-communists thought that was the West, was actually Czechoslovakia.

There are more realities about the same topic. Different realities can exist about and around the same thing. And in the end, they are all the truth. It’s impossible that there exists an one and only truth. This research isolates the element nature and the experience of the escape. It explored the meaning of nature in a different time and place. And it made various translations into other media. There are maps to describe the reality, to transfer the environment into a piece of paper. But can they be real? At last there are more realities . . .
This research is based on the map of the border area of KAMEN. It was illustrated by Stanislav Liska, a secret service agent and one of the perpetrators of KAMEN.

Coached by: Florian Fischer
Thanks to Jolanda van Welzenes – Marc Zwietink – Susie Verstappen

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Lieke Van der Vegt