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University of London Goldslmiths

MA Independent Games
and Playable Experience

On this brave independent games programme focusing on game design, games find purchase in the creative arts to engage conversation, inspire personal expression and explore our world.

This course will teach you how to use game design to develop aesthetic awareness, and create meaningful experiences. Students learn how to build compelling mechanics, craft innovative narratives, and develop immersive playable environments. Together, we will push games into new territories and intellectual domains.

As technologies have integrated into our everyday lives, elements from games have been woven into everything, from the way museums educate the public, to how scientists do cancer research. With the rise of mobile games, console creators no longer hold a monopoly on gaming platforms. This new-found freedom has resulted in an explosion of independent games – from putting players in immersive augmented worlds, to telling transformational personal narratives, these new experiences are redefining the rules of play.

Games are now part of everyday life. As a result, markets previously dominated by traditional media have begun to leverage the ability of games to tell stories, generate knowledge, and educate the public. An explosion of games and apps has created a new breed of entrepreneur, who uses small teams to create projects accessible to millions. This rising market has become a driving economic reality within the UK.

Why Study MA Independent Games Design at Goldsmiths?
This MA has several informal focus areas students can choose from:
Independent games design and development
Mixed reality (XR), playful experiences, and installation design
Games for change
Machine learning and game user experiences
Using Creative Coding and Physical Computing
You can build skills to start your own game design studio.
You will be mentored on how to grow in your creative career.
When you graduate, you can use game design in a wide range of fields both inside and outside the game industry, including independent games, XR studios, interactive film, advertising and media outlets, journalism, non-profits, education, design, and fine arts.
You will be part of a supportive community of games creators who actively release titles, and have access to a large library of video games and board games.
Goldsmiths hosts frequent game jams, and industry events on campus, which you will be able to participate in.
The UK has a strong community of publishers and creators with innovative voices creating groundbreaking titles, which you will have access to.
Who should apply?
Game Designers and Developers who want to break out, and be award-winning pioneers in their field, celebrated for their creative vision.
Artists interested in games as a creative practice.
Designers who want to grow their programming ability – unlike other MAs, this degree requires no pre-existing programming experience.
Game developers who want to acquire game design skills.
People interested in using games to generate dialogue around social justice issues.
Theatre creators and performers interested in games as a performative medium.
Educators who want to use games to create richer and more interactive learning spaces.

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