Performance Opleiding - Toneelacademie Maastricht

Milaan - Master in fashion photography
Ferrari fashion school

Duur van de opleiding 9 maanden

Kosten van de opleiding: 7.320 euro

Italië is een erg stijlvol land en zal mijn modieuze en esthetische visie op fotografie versterken hun partners

Master – Milan
The Master in Fashion Photography is dedicated to those who are passionate about Photography and Fashion, and has the main purpose of illustrating in details the processes and methodologies to set a Fashion photo shooting and a highly professional portfolio.
From the creation of the Moodboard and Storyboard, to the organization of the creative team, to the Styling, from the choice of the location to the realization of the portfolio, websites and social networks, by collaborating with the different professional figures such as the Make-up Artist, the Hair Stylist, the Fashion Designers, Agencies and Models etc.

To be admitted to Master Courses, it is required to be at least 21 years old, to have got a Diploma/Three-years Bachelor in Fashion/Photography/Design or any other qualification (or certified working experience), obtained either in Italy or abroad, considered as valid.
The students’ selection for Master Courses is made with an admission test, that will evaluate both formal qualities and technical-artistic skills of the prospects.

Thanks to Ies Kaczmarek

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